Just Let (Sh)it Go Atmosphere Oil

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Just Let Shit Go- (Use to Release That Which No Longer Serves)

This is an undiluted essential oil blend, called a synergy.  It is designed to diffuse into the air in whichever method best suits you.  Aromatherapy diffuser, scent locket, or even empty a few drops into a few tablespoons of salt and leave on your desk. Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin as this can cause chemical burns.

Just Let Shit Go!

Eriocephalus punctulatus: meditation, heart healing

Litsea cubeba: Let it go! Meditation, rejuvenation

Pogostemon cablin: grounding, focus, love magic, sedative

This sweet lemony scent is perfect when it is time to take a deep breath, take stock and release those things (and sometimes people) that no longer benefit.  It is light and lovely in scent, and the May Chang is soft enough to encourage meditation and relaxation.

Net Weight 5ml, bottle with reducer cap.

Undiluted Essential Oil Blend: Diffuse, do not apply to skin, do not ingest.

Diffuse one drop of the synergy per 100ml water in a diffuser.  Add two or three drops to a scent locket and wear for emotional refreshment. 

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