Needful Things - Themed Samples

$ 14.00

     Themed Mini Sample Pouches designed to fit a specific need.  Simply choose the need you have and you'll get a box with three sample-sized tins, designed to help different goals.  Just spoon, brew, and enjoy!


* New Home- Peaceful Home, Helping Hand and Road Opener 

* New Job- Money Draw, Triple Fast Luck, Crown of Success

* Love Drawing- Adam and Eve, Come to Me, Follow me Boy

* Money, Honey- Money Draw, Helping Hand, Road Opener

*Major Mojo- Road Opener (Removes obstacles), Florida Water (cleansing), Fiery Wall of Protection (Protective).

* Psychic Eye- All-Seeing Eye, Tarot Time, The Other Side

* Comfort- White Magic, Cry on my shoulder, White Witch

* Office Warrior- Run Devil Run, Gossip Stop, Hex Breaking

* New Beginnings- Beltane, Crown of Success, Florida Water

* Healing Mojo- Helping Hand, Holy Spirit, Go the **** to Sleep

*Sell That House- Peaceful Home, Crown of Success, Favors Owed 

These packages come as described.  No substitutions will be allowed.  If you'd like to choose your own teas, please refer to either of the Panacea Pouches. 

These teas are designed to be enjoyed.  No efficacy guarantee is implied or inferred.

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