Other Realms Atmosphere Oil

$ 20.00 $ 30.00

For Journeying, Meditation.

With: Elettaria cardamomum: Concentration in psychic work, Protection, uplifting, mental clarity

Angelica archangelica: Manifest desires, protection, uncrossing.

Melissa officinalis: Improve memory, success, uplifting spirits)

Citrus aurantium: Confidence, relaxation, release, protection, sedative, releases tension

Evernia prunastri: Contact other planes, protection, sedative, releases tension

Net Weight 5ml, bottle with reducer cap.

Undiluted Essential Oil Blend: Diffuse, do not apply to skin, do not ingest.

Diffuse one drop of the synergy per 100ml water in a diffuser.  Add two or three drops to a scent locket and wear for contacting other planes.

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