Payment Due Spell Oil

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Did a Friend Borrow Money They Have Not Repaid? Do you need the money without damaging Frith or friendship?

This is an undiluted essential oil blend, called a synergy.  It is designed to diffuse into the air in whichever method best suits you.  Aromatherapy diffuser, scent locket, or even empty a few drops into a few tablespoons of salt and leave on your desk. Do not apply undiluted essential oils to the skin as this can cause chemical burns.

Payment Due

Patchouli (Commanding, money, power)

Lime (friendship, strength)

Rosemary (confidence, character, courage)

To remind a friend they have a debt owed, and it is affecting the relationship, diffuse this synergy before they come over, or once they have arrived.  Alternately, place one drop of this synergy in a 2ml bottle and fill with the carrier of choice and anoint a candle to ask for the swift return of funds.  Burn on a Wednesday (communication) or Thursday (money) during the waxing moon.

Net Weight 5ml, bottle with reducer cap.

Undiluted Essential Oil Blend: Diffuse, do not apply to skin, do not ingest.

Diffuse one drop of the synergy per 100ml water in a diffuser.  Add two or three drops to a scent locket and wear for emotional refreshment. 

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