Blackthorn's Botanicals Spell Kits

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Spell Kits (Candle, Tea, and Anointing oil)

Sample Kit In this box, you'll find a small chime candle, a 2ml bottle of anointing oil to anoint the candle and a half ounce sample tin of loose tea.

Full Size Kit: In this Box you'll find a 6 oz. hand poured spell candle, a 2 oz. tin of loosed leaf tea, and a 5ml bottle of anointing oil. 


Battle Hexes Spell Kit:

Defensive magic is commendable, dissolving a nasty hex and grounding the hateful energy. Sometimes magic needs to be on the offense.  This is an oil of action.  This is an oil that says, “Leave me alone. I will hit back.”  This oil is certainly capable of hitting back, that’s up to the user.  

Battle Hexes anointing oil blended with: Cymbopogon citratus, Salvia sclarea, Foeniculum vulgare, Vetiveria zizanioides in Jojoba.

Battle Hexes Tea   
Protect yourself before the Hex is cast, or break it after. Don't go down without a fight. Tasting Notes:  Pineapple for Truth, Peppermint for protection, Ginger for hex-breaking, Cardamom for Strength of Purpose. Black Pepper for eloquence in speech.

Protect yourself before the Hex is cast, or break it after. Don't go down without a fight. Announce the desire, Light the candle. For more on Candle magic, go here.
Fig (magical potency), Bay Laurel (Successful Magic), Tobacco (Banishing), Ginger (Hex Breaking), Mahogany (Protection from Hexes), Birch Leaf (Protection)


Come Hither Spell Kit

My Mistress' Eyes Oil: used to divine the face of just the right future lover, and to draw them near. With:  Evernia furfuracea, Pinus succinifera, Citrus aurantium

"I think 'My Mistress' Eyes' is such a beautiful fit. Petitgrain is that gentle real love in the face of ugly reality- comforting and validating. Oakmoss to me is a shrill gossamer note of something slightly otherworldly and beautiful, amber is a dull undulating lust." Michael K.

Come to Me Tea: This spicy milk and honey flavored tea is a love drawing blend to bring just the right lover your way.  Just a hint of cinnamon flavored black tea means it is good with or without sugar and has a largely caffeine free base. Tasting Notes:  Cinnamon and Lemongrass are battling it out for your affection and they both win.  


Ex Breaking Spell Kit

An old lover keep darkening your doorstep like a bad penny? Banish them for good! Blended with:  Evernia furfuraceaSyzygium aromaticum, Boswellia carteri, Citrus reticulata

Run Devil Run Tea: 
All banishing all the time. Someone hasn't realized it's time to go? This blend  has the pleasant bitterness of chicory coffee and gives you the fire and gumption to make changes for the better. That old devil will be history in no time! Blended with: Ceylon Black tea, Black Peppercorns.

Justice Magic Spell Kit:

Has someone done you wrong? Need Justice on Your Side?

Justice Anointing Oil: Use for court cases, clarity in a situation, good luck and success. With:  Boswellia carterii, Styrax benzoin, Mentha piperita

Justice, Power, and Peace Tea: Black Tea, Lavender Flowers, Orange Peel, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Vanilla Flavor, Natural Bergamot Flavor, Natural Cream flavor.

Favors Owed CandleRecover money lent, repay derogatory behavior, banish the ill tempered. With Peppermint (Purification), Rosemary (Confidence in your magic), Sage(Prosperity), Ginger (Strength, Courage), Ylang ylang (anti-anxiety).

Not included but of note: Justice Magic ClassWe will discuss how to empower (or dis-empower) political bills, laws, court documents, custody agreements and more. We'll delve into the ethics of hexing, curses, and jinxes. We'll discuss essential oils and botanicals for justice magic and ways of incorporating them into our lives. Two Hour video class will be emailed to you as soon as payment is accepted. All proceeds go to Black Lives Matter related protest charities. 

Hex Shattering Spell kit

Someone done you wrong? Laid a trick on your tracks?  Time to cut those threads. 

A bottle of Hex Shattering anointing oil to anoint the candle.

Hex Shattering: It doesn't just break Hexes, it shatters them. With:  Citrus aurantium, Evernia furfuraceaPiper nigrum, Cedrus atlantica in jojoba.

Hex Breaking Tea:
Someone done you wrong? Laid a trick on your tracks? This lemon peel bright tea shreds those vexing threads with a quickness. A spear of fabulous mint finds the heart of the hex and it is burned to cinders by clove. 

Blended with: Rooibos tea, Ceylon Black tea, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Cloves, Cardamom, Marigold Flowers

Big Bad Be Gone Candle:
Cleansing of people and places. With: Sandalwood (Spiritual Cleansing), Vanilla (Empowerment), Lavender (Reveal Secrets), Cedar (Strength).


Ancestor Support Spell Kit

Reach out to your beloved ancestors, and beyond with this kit.  

Count Your Blessings Oil: 
Use this Oil to see the light at the end of the tunnel. With: Black Pepper (stimulate the mind, chamomile to relieve stress, and tangerine for joy. 

Ancestor Support Candle: 
Gain insight, reflect on memories and get help from loved ones crossed over. For more information on candle magic, visit here. Smells like lace doilies, church incense and whiskey. With: Frankincense & Myrrh (Spirit, The Divine), Bay Laurel (Communication)

Ancestor Support Tea:
Remembrance, veneration.  Use this tea when you need guidance, blessings or connection to those beyond The Veil. Tasting Notes: This oolong tea has the warmth of chestnut, and the sweetness of almond. 


Faery Realm Spell Kit

Into The Dreaming oil: For encouraging meaningful dreams with nutmeg (dreaming, good luck), cedarwood (clairvoyance), lemon (blessing).

Tuatha Dé Danann, The Fae, Faeries, The Good Neighbors have been written about as long as we have had the written word.  Offerings to Them have included berries, cream, butter, sweet cakes and more.  It is said if you can pick berries from a blackberry patch, one of your ancestors was likely fae. 

Candle: It has bergamot for success, protective blackberry and raspberry, loving peony, sweet honeysuckle, and violet leaf for seeing The Good Neighbors. 

Tea: This is a sweet blend of berries and cream flavor. (Vegan)


 Money Draw Spell Kit

Payment Due Spell Oil

Did a Friend Borrow Money They Have Not Repaid? Do you need the money without damaging Frith or friendship? With: Patchouli (Commanding, money, power),  Lime (friendship, strength), Rosemary (confidence, character, courage)

Favors Owed Candle
Recover money lent, repay derogatory behavior, banish the ill tempered. 

With Peppermint (Purification), Rosemary (Confidence in your magic), Sage(Prosperity), Ginger (Strength, Courage), Ylang ylang (anti-anxiety).

Money Draw Tea
Let the warmth of Bergamot and Vanilla turn your mind toward your own prosperity and the sunshine of orange light your way to a prosperous future. This green tea and rooibos blend gives you only a third the caffeine of green tea and all the flavor King Midas could want. 

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