About Us-- Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends


     Hi, my name is Amy and I'm woman who loves to help people.  I do this by volunteering my time for a number of causes and one on one.  As a member of the clergy I have been known to offer friends and loved ones a comforting cup of tea as we chat to help these folks let go of what no longer serves them.  After 6 years of offering my blends to family, friends and clients, I opened my shop to sell online.  After 6 years of blending my own teas, 14 years teaching herbs and 21 years of study I am finally following my dream of creating my own shop.

     These are ethically sourced tea blends with an energetic theme, clearing out old emotional junk, settling your mind and inspiring love.  

     After working to perfect the process of translating my magical oils into tea blends, I thought what better place to introduce my tea blends to the world, than by giving samples to friends at an upcoming convention.  Many dear friends will be in attendance so I could give them some and get reviews for the new website!