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Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, Natural Teas for a Supernatural Life.

Committed to the occult sciences since 1992.

Our founder, Amy had just left a toxic workplace and decided to work a spell to remove any blockages to a new job and to remove the baggage of the old one. She grabbed the Vanvan oil she made and a candle and decided to get down to work.  While she was working her intent into the candle the doorbell rang.  "That was quick," she joked.  It was the local postal worker delivering a package.  She came back into the kitchen where she had been working and was struck by the lemongrass oil she smelled.  "I wish I had some tea to drink while I do this working that would match my intent.  It would increase my intention, while my candle burns."  Then the lightbulb went off.  She had been teaching hoodoo for ten years and practicing for eighteen by that point.  She would take her old oil recipes and convert them into teas.  The oils without edible components would still have herbs and flowers that correspond to the original intent and could be enjoyable as tea when not actively working.  Thus, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends was born.

A week later, Amy was snowed in with her dear friend Eleanor (and the amazing graphic designer for BHB)  'Mad Tea Science-ing' and by the end of the day, the first fifteen blends were perfected.  A lifetime of blending her own teas for friends and family would help create the life she wanted.

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Here's our handy guide to our ever-growing list of teas!

Adam and Eve: The sultry siren of Sin is in the house!  This torrid affair in black tea blend is perfect for all matters of love, faithful partnership, and attraction. This caffeinated blend has enough vibrancy to keep you and your special someone up until the job is done! Piano players everywhere wish their Torch Singers drank this tea. Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and a sensual dusting of jasmine

The All Seeing Eye: Boost your intuition with nutty flavors of wisdom and higher self.  Caffeine-free blend turns your third eye into a magnifying glass.  Tasting Notes: This isn't as nutty as you're thinking.  When I blended this I expected it to smell or taste like Hazelnut coffee.  The equal parts Almond, Vanilla and Hazelnut force these three flavors to work well together without overpowering each other.

The All Father: This Lapsang Souchong is smoldering enough to honor the father of the Aesir, without tasting like the fires it was smoked over.  This is warm and peaty reminiscent of the delicate flavor of an expensive pipe.  The pine fire these leaves were dried over imparts a sweet and pine fire flavor.  No artificial flavors.

Apollo: The God of Music, Poetry, Sun & Oracles.  Let the God of Music bring a song to your heart, and your morning cup!  Apollo brightens your day without the need for caffeine.  Divine the path of your day with the tea leaves, and you'll be writing epic poetry about the combination of flavors.  Tasting Notes: This tea isn't as bright as your morning orange juice, rather it is much more subtle.  The blend of these flavors is much more sweet and mild.  Think spring morning, rather than noonday sun on the Summer Solstice.  Even though it's got lemon in it, it's much more subtle orange flavor goes nicely with the cloves.  Whether surrounded by spring flowers, or clove-studded oranges, this tea will spice up your morning routine any day of the year.

 Beltane-Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the season of Fertility and Love with this Jasmine Green Tea blend.  Share this with a partner or celebrate the warming of the Earth solo.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Our jasmine is a Chun Hao grade tea that is a suitable daily treat.  Tasting notes: Bursting with green flavor and gentle florals,  it produces a sweet cup with a light and a lingering scent of jasmine flowers.

Black Forest:Find your Path.  This blend of black tea and berries give you permission to sit and mull over life for a while. Growing up, Christmas with my German family, Christmas was tiny snow peaked villages decorating a landscape paraded by trains.  It was mulled wine and laughing voices embraced by white pine boughs.  The Black Forest attempts to rekindle that love of the simpler times when we were young.  Tasting Notes: This black tea has the depth of spice elevating the berries and cream, reminiscent of mulled wine, in tea form.

Black Magic:This Ceylon black tea has nothing up its sleeve, just a clean pure black tea with notes of grapefruit and mandarin   It comes straight from the Kenilworth Estate with an eye on bringing you the oomph you need to get things done during the day.  Tasting Notes:  Hints of mandarin and grapefruit whispering through a bold black tea. No flavors added.

Cauldron of Rebirth:  With enough caffeine to raise the dead! This mate tea is blended with black tea, caffeine-rich kola nut, cinnamon and cocoa nibs for a rich flavor that will restore lost souls.  The caffeinated start makes you feel ready to conquer the world!  Fantastic with milk.  Tasting Notes:  Richly flavored black tea with cinnamon and a hint of chocolate.

Cloak of Invisibility: A swirl of fabric envelopes you as it protects from the elements of man and nature. This green tea enriched oolong has a magical spark of lemon, and creamy vanilla with a hint of pine smoke.  Tasting Notes: A lemony sweet green tea, with vanilla gives it a meringue-like flavor with a hint of Lapsang Souchong for a swirl of mystery.

Come at me, Bro:Aggressive gunpowder is broken down by mellow greens.  Ginger and Ginseng tear down bravado. These Mars ruled herbs are designed to come together and break down conflict.  This blend is designed to help resolve conflicts and create order from chaos.  Conflict resolution at its finest!  Sit down and hash it out over this low caffeine mediator. These Mars ruled plants will keep you focused on the issue to move past.  Tasting notes: Earthy and green, hint of ginger spice and lemon.

Come to Me:This spicy milk and honey flavored tea is a love drawing blend to bring the right lover your way.  Just a hint of cinnamon flavored black tea means it is good with or without sugar and has a largely caffeine free base. Tasting Notes:  Cinnamon and Lemongrass are battling it out for your affection and they both win.

Crown of Success:You deserve Success! All your hard work is paying off with this soft and spicy blend of citrus and delicate florals will have you in the right frame of mind to get out of your own way and a bit of caffeine to help you achieve your goals.  Tasting Notes: Earl Grey Green's bergamot flavor and sunny Blood Orange brighten Cinnamon black tea for a Florida Citrus twist on an old favorite.

Cry on my Shoulder Tea:This creamy chocolate tea will soothe your soul with maternal comfort. Dedicated to Mami Wata, this is a blend of Cream tea, and cacao nibs, with lavender and a pinch of salt for The Mother's tears. A tea for emotional and spiritual comfort, maternal love and wisdom of the ages. Brew a cup and tell Mama all about it. Tasting Notes:  Creamy chocolate and cream with Lavender, just a hint of cinnamon.

The DagdaIn Irish mythology, He is fertility, strength, magic, and wisdom. He changes the seasons with the music of his harp. His is a blend of almond, cream, and rosemary.  Inspired by both a love of mythology and cozy winter nights with rosemary steamed milk, comes this treat, fit for Himself. Tasting Notes:  Creamy tea with hints of almond and a rosemary kick.

Dead Man's Chest ☠  Wild cannon fire, sinking treasure, and the colliding of steel blades, this black tea has the sweetness of aged rum, until the water hits it, releasing the aroma of singed, wooden treasure chests. Cracking open this tin immediately puts you onboard a merchant ship during a pirate raid. The aromas of prized sweet spices peeking through the thick smoke of scorched timber and black powder.

Fiery Wall of Protection:Surround yourself with this caffeinated, protective fire. Reading the 23rd Psalm over your tea, optional.  This cinnamon and ginger blend helps fill in the gaps in your defenses.  The caffeinated start makes you feel ready to conquer the world!  Fantastic with milk.  Tasting Notes:  Spicy Ginger ale, and her friends Black Pepper and Clove show this Chai who is boss.

Florida Water Tea:This traditional blend of Clove, Orange and Lavender will leave you energetically cleansed, lightly caffeinated and ready to take on the world!  Great with or without sugar!  Tasting Notes:  Blood Orange, tempered with lavender allows clove to sneak up on your tongue. The hint of lemon rooibos brings the rising tides to rest.

Follow Me Boy: Or Don't. Traditionally used to keep a marriage faithful, this blend of Jasmine Green tea and Vanilla Honeybush reminds you that you are truly worthy of love and admiration all on your own. Lavender reminds you to take a deep breath and tell yourself anyone would be lucky to have you.  Tasting Notes:  Vanilla flavored Honeybush tea mellows out the vegetative flavor of the Green tea. Add a hint of lavender for mellow self-reflection and praise.

Freya:is the Goddess associated with war, poetry, sex, and sorcery. She has been offered mead and drinks of celebration and remembrance of the dead. Our offering to Her is a melange of honeyed apples with a hint of spice.  Tasting notes: Warmed honey poured over honey crisp apples and a hint of spiced cider on the side. 

Go the **** to Sleep:  Who says sleep has to be boring? This sleepy old favorite has a new lease on life with bright lemongrass, soothing chamomile flowers and peppermint leaves. None of these three are taking the lead, just make yourself a cup and head to sleep. Tasting Notes: Lemongrass evens out the apple flavor of the chamomile and mint rounds out the party.

Gossip Stop: Others using their words against you? Hash it out over some tea. This Lemony fresh blend includes slippery elm to keep your name out of their mouth and Burdock will keep their mud from sticking to your good name.  Tasting notes: Tastes like a soft lemon tea cookie.

Healer's Way:  Calming & Clearing Tea. Chamomile is a calming herb.  If you're having hot flashes, this will cool you.  If you're anxious this will soothe.  Peppermint is cooling with a soft cleansing palette. Tasting Notes: a Supremely chill blend of chamomile and mint.

Hecate Tea: She who works Her will.  Goddess of the Crossroads worshiped by torchlight, black tea lights the way, flavored with almonds for wisdom and knowledge and lavender buds remind us who is Queen. Tasting Notes:  Creamy tea with hints of almond and lavender.

Helping Hand: Feeling hit from all sides?  Get a leg up with this caffeine free blend.  Energetically promote healing, calm and boost your luck too! Soft mint and vanilla lifts you over the hurdles life brings your way. Tasting notes: Soft mint caressed by almond and vanilla.

Hex Breaking: Someone done you wrong? Laid a trick on your tracks? This lemon peel bright tea shreds those vexing threads with a quickness. A spear of fabulous mint finds the heart of the hex and it is burned to cinders by clove. Tasting Notes: A minty tea with a hint of clove and lemon.

Hexwork Tea: This divine Lady is ready to work, any time of the day or night.  Enjoy the fierceness of Fiery Wall of Protection with the calm determination of The White Witch to achieve whatever you desire. Tasting Notes:  Spicy Ginger ale, muting the clove with vanilla cream.

Holy Spirit:A lightly floral and Oolong base with a soft, soul-quenching taste.  Cleanse yourself or your space and yourself with this blessing tea.  A breath of fresh air for your soul.  A light jasmine note in the mug helps bridge the gap between the Chamomile and Peppermint softness and the warmth of Chai.  The locally sourced Lavender brightens tea tango.  Tasting notes:  Soft apple flavor from the Chamomile lends itself to the gentle Oolong flavor and mint.  The hint of black tea rounds out the flavor palate for a serene finish.

Imbolc: Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the Kindling of the flame with this Cherry and Cream Black Tea blend.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Tasting notes: Bright cherry black tea softened by cream flavors and kind words.

John Barleycorn: This is a tea for renewal.  This gunpowder-based tea reminds us of the yearly barley harvest. The apples and quiet cinnamon remind us that new life and new loves come from every harvest or ending. Creme Brûlée sweetness reminds us to find the sweetness of life whenever we can. Tasting Notes: A soft, pleasantly smoky green tea with creamy maple scent and flavor.

Justice, Power & Peace:This black tea has the boldness of Earl Grey softened with vanilla & cream flavors and lavender.  In Hoodoo Bergamot is used to empower.  It is a key ingredient in Crown of Success oils.  It draws money and can be found in oils for fair treatment by law officials. Lavender is used in peaceful home oils and spells.  The energy of the Black Tea will keep you going until you get what you came for! Tasting Notes:  Bergamot can't overpower the creamy and calming nose of vanilla and lavender. Warm black tea notes.

Lammas: Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the Summit of the year with this Peach Oolong.  Let the warmth of the sun hold you fast as the Holly King and Oak King do their dance again.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher.

Limelight: It's time for your turn in the spotlight! To increase your confidence, grab a cup of Limelight for that sweet, and tart lime and apple tea and overcome Imposter Syndrome and powerlessness alike. Tasting Notes: Tart lime that'll remind you of lime lollipops and a more confident time.

Litha Tea: Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the fire of the First day of Summer with this Pomegranate, Cinnamon and Ginger blend.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Tasting notes: Fiery cinnamon and ginger brightened by a kiss of Persephone's downfall, the juicy pomegranate. Like her you'll have a new love in your life.Mabon Tea: Celebrate the First day of Fall, the turning of the Wheel, and the season of Gratitude with this caffeine-free, apple cinnamon rooibos blend. Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Let the Second Harvest bring you the Fruits of your labor any day of the year!

Mead Tea:This honey-sweet tea is caffeine free and blends a nutty smoothness mingled with a light citrus twist to give a well rounded honey flavor. No sweeteners have been added to this delightful tea, nor does it contain alcohol. Tasting Notes: This isn't a nutty tea, even though it's got almond flavoring.  When I blended this I wanted to create a honey taste and texture. The citrus and almond don't dance opposite each other.  They mingle to create something lovely and wholly unexpected.

Meditation TeaThis fulfilling blend of herbs will get you to the right state of mind.  Calm a racing mind and unwind. Tasting notes: A flavor reminiscent of the perfect butter cookie.

Money Draw Tea:  Let the warmth of Bergamot and Vanilla turn your mind toward your own prosperity and the sunshine of orange light your way to a prosperous future. This Earl Grey green tea and rooibos blend gives you only a third the caffeine of green tea and all the flavor King Midas could want. Tasting Notes: A crisp, fun, orange creamsicle flavor.

My-Tea TeaThis mighty blend boosts inner strength with an empowering (and caffeinated) blend of Chai, Cinnamon, Ginger, and Lemongrass.  Instead of leaping tall buildings with a single bound, you’ll be picking them up to walk under them. Tasting Notes:  Peppermint and lemongrass mean that these traditionally mild flavors are given some support from the crispness of cinnamon and ginger.

Ostara TeaCelebrate the turning of the Wheel and the First day of Spring with this Caffeine free Lemon and Vanilla Rooibos blend.  Sunny as a spring morning and soft as freshly laundered sheets. Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Tasting notes: Lemon pound cake!  We have combined the bright, tangy citrus notes with creamy vanilla to produce a soft, fluffy, lemon cream taste.

Peaceful HomeThis comforting, caffeine-free blend of vanilla, lavender and peppermint will help you focus on the path you need to get your house in order.  Bring peace back into your home with this comforting blend.  It’s your favorite cardigan with a hint of lavender.  Tasting Notes: Gentle mint with hints of lavender and vanilla.

Release Tea: This Earl Grey black tea has an extra boost of bergamot which can help to release negativity dragging you down.  Bergamot also helps boost assertiveness, the manifestation of goals and centering.  Bergamot is also generous with banishing nightmares and stress. Tasting Notes:  Bergamot brightens the calming nose of black tea notes.

Road Opener: Feeling fenced in, walled off and bogged down? Break out of that rut. The magical sledgehammer that is Road Opener is here! Gunpowder Green tea will help you burn down the walls, while blood orange and clove fire your way to greener pastures.  Tasting Notes: Pleasantly smokey green tea with subtle citrus twinkles and hints of spicy warmth.

Run Devil Run: All banishing all the time. Something (or someone) hasn't realized it's time to go? This blend of our Black Magic tea and black peppercorns has the pleasant bitterness of chicory coffee and gives you the fire and gumption to make changes for the better. That old devil will be history in no time!  Tasting Notes: Full bodied and doesn't mess around.  Has a delicious bitterness with the mouthfeel of a chickory coffee.  Pepper makes sweet things taste sweeter, so don't be afraid to sugar this brew.  Milk really makes the flavor palate bloom on the tongue.

Samhain Tea: Celebrate the turning of the Wheel and the other side of the Veil with this  Apple Spice Chai blend.  Apples were the fortune tellers of the Sabbat and now they can lead you inward on your journey.  Great any day of the year for a comforting hot tea or refreshing iced pitcher. Tasting notes: Warm spiced apples and a soft Chai blanket warm from the dryer.

Santa Muerte Tea:
  She is associated with healing, protection, financial wellbeing, and assurance of a path to the afterlife. She is the sainted protector of the LGBT Community. She guards against violence. Black tea with lemon creme and tamarind. Tasting Notes:  Bright lemon creme scenting a delicate Ceylon black tea with a hint of tamarind.

Spring Cleaning Tea
This bright and shiny blend of lemongrass for purification, orange for joy and beauty, apple for love, and a hint of protective lavender will put a spring in your step and is caffeine free. Clear the cobwebs in the corners of your mind year round. Tasting Notes: Soft, sweet lemon and a hint of lavender.

SSDGM Tea:Stay Sexy and grab this blend of berries and vanilla. Berries expertly blended for passion for the heart and vanilla is calming, encouraging peace in the home. Caffeine free. The proceeds of the sale of this tea will be donated annually to End the Backlog. If you’d like to donate, visit http://www.endthebacklog.org/homepage Tasting Notes: This is a sweet blend of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, apples, and creamy vanilla.

Tarot Time Tea:  Tarot Time Tea is one of the oldest blends in the family of Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends. Amy serves this comforting blend to her tarot clients when welcoming them into her home.  This gentle blend of Lavender and Vanilla stitches together the tattered pieces of our emotions and creates a centered front from which to face our issues head-on. Tasting Notes: This is a mellow vanilla with hints of lavender.

The Good Neighbors Tea: Tuatha Dé Danann, The Fae, Faeries, The Good Neighbors have been written about as long as we have had the written word.  Offerings to Them have included berries, cream, butter, sweet cakes and more.  It is said if you can pick berries from a blackberry patch, one of your ancestors was likely fae. Tasting Notes: This is a sweet blend of berries and cream.

The Root of All Evil: Sip this black tea and this blend of roots will tease out the root of a problem. This blend features lemongrass and roots like licorice root, ginger root and flavors like black pepper, cocoa, and molasses to help you find out the truth of the matter and the root of the problem. Tasting Notes:  Black tea from the Yunnan province of China adds a peppery note and a cocoa finish that pairs well with the ginger root and makes even the smallest amount of sugar taste sweeter. The lemongrass and licorice root pair well for a grounding tea that lends itself to introspection. It's a very forgiving tea that won't get bitter if oversteeped.

The White Witch:This frostily inspired blend reminds us that things aren't always as they appear.  It appears sweet and innocent, but the cream black tea only hides the sharp black ginger flavors.  Vanquished with a dash of Turkish Delight's almond. Tasting Notes:  Milky sweet cream tea with hints of ginger and almond.

Triple Fast Luck TeaThis light mint and vanilla blend pave the way and cinnamon brings your good luck on in a hurry.  Lightly caffeinated and great for a gentle morning ritual brings good luck all day.   Good with or without sugar. Tasting Notes: Lively mint with a hint of Cinnamon muted because of the vanilla finish.

Trouble Maker Tea: Inspired by the Norse trickster, these Mercury ruled herbs are designed to aid communication. Lavender to cool tempers and remove the Ego. Tasting notes: Sharp mint gets schooled by mellow almond and lavender.

Two-Faced Bitch Tea: Have someone in your life who was your best friend one minute and stabbed you in the back the next? This soothing tea of Lavender over a bed of Vanilla Honeybush tea will soothe the hurt feelings and provide more comfort than grandma quilts and eating ice cream right out of the carton. Tasting Notes: This is a really mellow vanilla with hints of lavender.  The flavor profile is very round without the fanfare of either flavor.  Gentle is a good word, not weak.

VanVan Tea: The most popular Hoodoo oil in a Tea form.  Removes Obstacles with just a hint of caffeine. Defeat Mercury Retrograde! Purification.  Banishing.  Ritual Preparation. Tasting Notes: Bright lemongrass and Blood Orange make for a dark ruby beverage rounded out by ginger black tea.

Veritas Serum Tea
Truth and Honesty are found in this tropically delightful pineapple tea.  Lemongrass shreds the threads of subterfuge and marigold shows the benefits of honesty.  This caffeine-free blend feels like you're drinking sunshine.  Let that sun go to work for you, helping with introspection, shedding light on a sticky situation and the magic of pineapple to increase successful endeavors. Tasting Notes: Sweet pineapple and lemongrass smoothness.

Werewolves of London:  Turn into a beastly creature after dark? This blend of Earl Grey green tea, lavender and bergamot will soothe the savage beast in time to be in bed before moonset. If you're new to green tea, or just looking for a new favorite this is a green tea sure to please.Tasting Notes: Just the right touch of citrus to lighten the Lavender. Makes a light and refreshing drink that's popular both hot and iced. If you are new to green tea, this lightly flavored tea may be a good place to start.

White Magic Tea: White Magic is poetry, Black Magic is anything that actually works’.-Victor Anderson  This poetic Ceylon black tea is paired with an airy and divine creamy flavor.  For those with lactose issues, it has its own luscious flavor. Tastes great with milk or without. It comes straight from the Kenilworth Estate with an eye on bringing you the oomph you need to get things done during the day.

Woman in Red Tea:  In hoodoo, this blend of cinnamon and vanilla is used for gambling luck, just like the lovely lady in red waiting to bestow her luck on the dice as she passes by.  This cinnamon kickstarts any project you put your mind to.  The black tea has more caffeine than our Triple Fast Luck, as requested by customers. You'll be able to stay up till the job is done.  Tasting Notes:  Cinnamon softened with creamy vanilla.

Yule TeaCelebrate the turning of the Wheel and the Rebirth of Light with this  Chocolate Chai blend.  Great any day of the year! Tasting notes: Warm hot chocolate with a saucy cinnamon smile.